I’m very much a PvE player and don’t consider myself too good at this game, but I’ve had a blast zerging in WvW since last week. Doubly so when we’re dominating like this! Earlier this weekend Dzagonur seemed to be a tough opponent but tonight we took the lead again and hopefully will keep it that way till the reset ^^

(and Whiteside Ridge’s kind of trying too, lol)

Could you please repeat who sent this email once more?

I guess I was a bit more scared than I was willing to admit earlier regarding the issues I last talked in July (and I still can’t say I’m not anymore), but after hesitating for a few weeks, I finally managed to book a time to see a professional. Oct 6 is when it all begins.


Chibimoth is my favorite Pokemon Mega-evolution.

Yeah, actually, I just came to dump the compulsory “yay con” loot pics.

Day 1: Two figurines and some manga. Need to find the missing Bokura no volumes later. And yeah, I kept the Ramune bottle.

Day 2: As I burned most of my budget on the first day, only got two more manga volumes. (I tried to find Yotsuba&! yesterday already without success.)

Parts: As usual for a Figma action figure, Okarin came with a slew of changeable parts. Adds a lot of options.

Falling: At least the stand is firm :p

Shelf: The dedicated shelf, now with new acquisitions added to the mix. Still too empty figurine wise, but can’t really help at this point.


I kinda unexpectedly disappeared two or three weeks ago as you might or might not have noticed. The reason for that is that I kinda got sucked into Guild Wars 2 again, leaving little room to be around here. I don’t expect to reactivate just yet; only giving a small heads-up.

Also, I’m aware Rewrite of the Life’s queue dried up. I’ll try to do something to that today or tomorrow, unless I don’t feel like doing so.

(Cute, someone unfollowed right after this :p)


メイド漣 | あzz
※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.


Here you go~


Sorry for the late response! 

Send me a ✄ and I’ll write your URL in my handwriting.

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