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Then again, I don’t think child abuse is the way to deal with that either…

Well, he threw the ring away so someone else could have used it… but the letter still doesn’t make sense. Wonder what it says.

Well, glad nothing bad happened here after all, but, uh…

aliciaaadanielle: ellie-smelly: I love this too much not to post it Dude when he runs into the wall and it says wrong I just (via shibe-doge)

Hey, Battler, here’s an idea: stop thinking about boobs every damn time you’re talking about a woman :p

stuartashen: My Little Pony Mystery Bags | Ashens

(via addictedtovisualnovels)

sir-ryan-lancelot: officialfrenchtoast: modern day rebels This makes me happy (via addictedtovisualnovels)

fireflyrayeart: *loves Maya Fey forever* (via wendyoldbags)