Someone had left a Bobblehead Laboratory behind. Using it resulted in quite a trippy experience and temporary visions of super sized heads :p


When did I screenshot this


Practice using a certain new technique, which isn’t really noticeable unless you look twice on how I shaded this

I’ve never drawn a splice before, it is interesting. Credit goes to melonfluff

Also MFW multiple notes on a random one-year-old liveblogging snapshot :p

New SIM card get! Now I can start using the new phone full time. Also finally a subscription with unlimited data as well, because in this year it is pure madness to not have one with a smartphone.


I got a lot of Space Brothers feelings so I doodled Mutta and Hibito.


I learnt how to use the magatama today! \( ̄︶ ̄)/

Judging you from behind the glass :p

Copied all the music over from the old phone and then spent a couple hours fixing album art due to different naming standards >_> Also found a nice replacement for Play Music, which while OK wasn’t exactly what I was looking for; Shuttle works well for me instead.

I received my new phone, a Nexus 5, today. …Now I just need to pester mom into getting me a micro-SIM ASAP when I see her this weekend since she still manages my subscription and I have the old larger one :p

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