Back at my apartment now; here some pics from earlier today. It felt so bittersweet going home for the last time and helping packing everything up. Visiting mom won’t ever feel the same anymore :p

Visiting the place I called home for like 15 years for the last time. Lots of packing still to do, lent my hand quite a bit. I guess I can allow myself a bit of sitting on the lappy now, though I won’t read through the dashboard until tomorrow.


pssst, hey thesoulweaver

also comyu is out now if anyone missed it

Hmm, I didn’t know about that, and that’s actually a very neat option to have. Might just have to reconsider pushing coµ to the backlog now… (finishing the first Umineko and then playing I/O are pretty much locked at first positions at this point anyway, with Hf! always having the fast lane ticket should it appear that soon)


marshtomp is ok with this!



(I took some liberties with her design and the Torkoal’s size)

We all know how this will end…


落書き詰め合わせ (Sketch Compilation), page 1, by さち



A cute picture of Mew and Mega Mewtwo by request.

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