Took a cute screencap while playing earlier tonight for a bit with ghaskan :p Too bad my character’s leg is clipping through the coat though.

Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Account Creation


I saw a lot of people reblogging my fanart of Phoenix doing the thumb trick for Maya and wondered what she’d be like with Trucy. Here ya go.

Onkiva rovasti on kiva rovasti joka onki varovasti?

"Fishing provost is a nice provost who fished carefully"

I’m very much a PvE player and don’t consider myself too good at this game, but I’ve had a blast zerging in WvW since last week. Doubly so when we’re dominating like this! Earlier this weekend Dzagonur seemed to be a tough opponent but tonight we took the lead again and hopefully will keep it that way till the reset ^^

(and Whiteside Ridge’s kind of trying too, lol)

Could you please repeat who sent this email once more?

I guess I was a bit more scared than I was willing to admit earlier regarding the issues I last talked in July (and I still can’t say I’m not anymore), but after hesitating for a few weeks, I finally managed to book a time to see a professional. Oct 6 is when it all begins.


Chibimoth is my favorite Pokemon Mega-evolution.

Yeah, actually, I just came to dump the compulsory “yay con” loot pics.

Day 1: Two figurines and some manga. Need to find the missing Bokura no volumes later. And yeah, I kept the Ramune bottle.

Day 2: As I burned most of my budget on the first day, only got two more manga volumes. (I tried to find Yotsuba&! yesterday already without success.)

Parts: As usual for a Figma action figure, Okarin came with a slew of changeable parts. Adds a lot of options.

Falling: At least the stand is firm :p

Shelf: The dedicated shelf, now with new acquisitions added to the mix. Still too empty figurine wise, but can’t really help at this point.

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