playing pokemon as a kidimage

playing pokemon as an adultimage

Doing this in Home-Run Contest gives a GSP of over a million, which should mean over a million players got a worse score. I wonder if they even tried.

SSB3DS arrived. Now let’s see how I’m gonna split my time testing it out and all the other things already happening (GW2, programming, the exam on Friday :p)

Success is not defined… What a beautiful error to go down with.


Zankyou no Terror x Psycho Pass crossover!

I did the thing ༼✷ɷ✷༽ and i like the thing! why isn’t this an actual thing?

Finally preordered Alpha Sapphire, and also purchased SSB3DS. From different shops, since prices are wonky and all that. And bought some books, too. Bye, money.


wow look its maya fey aint she great what a cutie pie said phonenix wright probably

Phase 1 went even more smoothly than I imagined, now to wait for mail from a less local entity for further examination.



Dear cruel and terrible god,



-Phoenix Wright

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