Sometimes I just wonder why it just had to be so that I managed to pick a home world this bad… The amount of fail during Ring of Fire’s attempts to take on the improved Tequatl didn’t quite come as a surprise following our constant losing in the lowest World vs. World tiers, but to not even once get past the first 25% on the 10+ tries I’ve been on is just pitiful.

In case you feel like pointing out how I had died a minute ago and was still lying there, I was just timing a good shot of despair as it was already crystal clear the event went down the drain. Having all the turrets broken was just perfect for this :p Normally I would’ve waypointed away like anyone with common sense (i.e. not the most people showing on the minimap).

Also, this particular attempt actually took place last night, but from the one attempt I attended tonight I can say it still isn’t going any better.

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    Ugh, I know how you feel. Just attempted Teq at our prime time - Saturday evening for Australians and 1 commander - 80%....
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    Pretty much any server is probably doing better than us, so sure, why not, I’ll join you guys tomorrow :p I see Gandara...
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    You’re always welcome on Gandara :p
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